20% Off Sunglasses

Driving with the winter sun low in the sky can cause siginificant glare this time of year. With wet (or snowy!) roads that reflect the sunlight, drivers not only et glare from the sky but also from the ground. A great time then, to invest in some sunglasses - and Pollards have 20% off all sunglasses!

Ask for a demonstration of our polarised sunglasses when you come in - the difference is noticeable straight away. Have a look at the difference in the following photos:

 This is why polarised lenses are great for fishing, as they cut out reflections from the surface of the water so you can see the fish underneath:

 With 20% off, why not get a bargain & try a pair of polarised sunglasses this time instead? If you don't notice a difference, Pollards will give you your money back! Promise!