About Us

Mel Farrell: Dispenser

Mel has worked in Optics for over 20 years and is well known for her bubbly and friendly personality. Be warned though, she will tell you those frames look rubbish on you if they do!


Donna Cooling: Dispenser / Lab Tech

Donna has worked in Optics for over 20 years and is an experienced lab technician as well as a dispenser. Her advice on choosing frames is invaluable, as has insight on which prescriptions work best with which frames, as she is the one putting them all together in our on site lab.


Mary Kennerson: Optical Assistant

Mary has come from a retail background and has completed training in helping patients choose frames, repairs and adjustments. She helps with reception, admin and makes a great cup of tea!

Gemma Shimeld: Maternity Leave

Gemma has worked for Pollards as a dispenser and lab tech for five years now, but is leaving on maternity leave with her second child - we wish her the best of luck!


Lizzy McCaffrey: Super Optometrist

Having worked at another prestigious independent practice, Lizzy has a wealth of experience under her belt at a young age: she has passed assessments to provide hospital contact lens work, paediatric eye care, interpreting 3D Eye Scans and is often asked for advice on scans to her peers. As she wears contact lenses and glasses herself, she understands the needs of her patients and caters her eye exams to the patients' requirements. Her friendly and kind manner make her eye exams seem like a breath of fresh air, which can be much needed in that dark Opticians’ room!


Ganesh Mahalingam PhD: Consultant Optometrist

Ganesh is our consultant Optometrist, as he holds over 10 years of experience in hospital practice, performing minor pre-surgical procedures as well as working closely with consultant Ophthalmologists in managing complex eye conditions. At Pollards he currently provides the hospital contact lens clinic, the dry eye clinic, monitors stable glaucoma patients and is also available for the Gold Eye Exams. His PhD research project was all about Glaucoma, and he has published research articles about Glaucoma. In the hospital contact lens field, he was involved in managing Keratoconus with contact lenses.  He has also published articles relating to contact lens fittings. Whilst working closely with the ophthalmologists managing a complex eye conditions, such as Uveitis, he has also published articles regarding the same. In addition, he has been involved in designing special optical devices/aids for people with very low vision and for patients with conditions that could not be handled with basic optics.

A thorough and very organised approach to eye care makes his patients feel like they have had a truly different eye exam experience.

Jan Zeb: Specialist Optometrist

Jan has been providing the hospital contact lens clinic and dry eye clinic at Pollards and has been providing the same services at Hull Eye Department. He has completed assessments that allow him to prescribe ophthalmic drugs, which is a great achievement for an Optometrist. His relaxed and gentle manner puts patients at ease.

Qausia Hassan: Owner Optometrist

Qausia now has three young children and they keep her very busy! However, she is still very much involved in the running of the practice, taking regular meetings and training sessions. She resides part of the year in Saudi Arabia, where her husband now works.