Case Studies

Here is what our patients have to say about the 3D Eye Scan:

Anne Francis

"I’m a volunteer for the Macular Disease Society, and member of the Wakefield Age Related macular Degeneration support group. It gives me great peace of mind to know that [during the OCT scan] the Optometrist is viewing and measuring the exact layer that macula degeneration starts in. I have it done every year so that if things change, it is picked up immediately."

Mr Trevor Sharp

"I attended my normal eye exam with no eye problems - or so I thought! The 3D Scan revealed a split in my retina which could not be seen with the normal eye test. As it is highly likely to happen in my other eye, I have the scan every 6 months. I would recommend it to everyone."

Mrs Eileen Halls

"I had a slight deterioration in vision, and nothing could be seen on the normal eye test. The scan revealed a partial hole at my macula. I am so glad that the equipment was available to detect this, and so fast."

Ruth Jones

"The 3D scan showed a small bleed behind my eye - the hospital was amazed at how fast it had been picked up. I was treated straightaway and it saved my eyesight."

Richard Smart

"I came for my regular eye exam and I was referred quickly for glaucoma treatment after having the 3D scan. As it has been caught early, my sight improved after treatment, otherwise there would have been permanent damage."

ARMD lady

"I have early age related macula degeneration in both eyes, with small bumps called drusen present. These are measured at every eye exam appointment so that the progression, or stability, of my condition can be monitored accurately. The effects of nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes can also be seen on the scan."