Eye Exam with 3D Scan

This is our Gold Eye Examination which lasts 45- 60 minutes. The examination includes:

· 3D OCT Eye Scan of the 10 layers of retina
· Enhanced glaucoma check
· Enhanced ARMD check
· Comprehensive report of systemic and eye health

Please bring with you a list of medications you may be taking and all glasses including any sunglasses. Please also bring your email address, as most of our contact will now be via email.


What is the 3D Scan?

The best tool we have to assess your eye health is our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 3D Eye Scan. The OCT is a high definition ultrasound of the back of your eye: the retina. It allows us to scan a cross section of the individual layers of your retina, which can then be built up into an extremely detailed three dimensional image of the back of your eye.

This 3D image then allows our Optometrists to measure and assess your retina, giving the most accurate impression of your eye’s health it is possible to get on the high street.

Regular scans will allow us to track any changes in your eye, which could not only help your vision, but also highlight signs of various other health issues, including:

· Alzheimer's

· Parkinson's

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Cancer

· High blood pressure

· High cholesterol level

· Diabetes

At the end of your exam, you Optometrist will provide you with a full health report along with copies of your 3D Scan.

We strongly recommend this exam for all our patients. The scans are most effective for tracking your health if you first have a scan with healthy eyes, which can then be used as a baseline comparison. If there are any changes in the blood vessels and/or nerve fibres we can detect it straight away, before there is any loss of sight.