Eye Tattoos - Is it worth the risk?

One of the latest body modification trends has been seen on social media and the news recently: Eye Tattoos. The official name is ‘Scleral Tattooing’. The sclera is the white part of your eye, which takes up more than 80% of the eye’s surface area.

The process involves inking the white part of the eye, giving the eyes a hugely contrasting look which is instantly noticable, often very vibrant colours are used to create interesting colour combinations. 

The Sclera: 
- Helps maintain the shape of the eyeball
- Provides a firm attachment for the extraocular muscles that control movement of the eyes
- Protects the eye from serious damage

There are many problems that can be caused by tattooing this sensitive part of the body, such as causing sensitivity to light, creating prolonged headaches and unwanted staining of surrounding tissues. The procedure can also lead to partial or total blindness.

It's Experimental:
Whilst scleral tattooing is on the rise, it remains an experimental procedure, which is developing on a trial and error basis.  If you want to go under the needle, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist to detect any eye conditions you may have and choose somebody with experience to do it.