Hospital Contact Lenses

Pollards Opticians is contracted to provide hospital contact lens services for the Wakefield and Kirklees district. Our Optometrists, clinic and procedures have been inspected and accredited for this service.

Many of the patients we help have keratoconus, a condition of the cornea that is best corrected by contact lenses. We fit hybrid and rigid gas permeable contact lenses specifically designed to lessen the effects of keratoconus. Other hospital lenses that we provide include hand painted lenses and scleral contact lenses for disfigured eyes.

The great thing about coming to see us is that we have no limitations to what we can order for you, both in terms of contact lens material and prescription.

Freedom to choose materials

Many patients get dry eyes with their contact lenses, resulting in irritation and red eyes. With modern technology, contact lenses can be made from many different materials, particularly to help with dry eye. As an independent opticians, we can order any material in any fitting we like, providing optimum comfort in contact lenses.

Freedom to specify prescription

The last few years has seen the manufacture of soft contact lenses made in any prescription, including varifocal prescription. Many of our patients have enjoyed the freedom to be able to go shopping without their reading glasses, or go out for a meal and read a menu without the need for spectacles.