Importance of regular children's eye exams

Your children's eyes are exceptionally important - a cruical tool for learning, discovering new things and calculating the world around them. Children are mostly taught visually too, so it's a very important asset that helps them learn and develop.

Often, children will have eye tests as part of their routine developmental checks - however these are not as thorough as an independent eye test by a qualified optician. We reccommend regular eye tests - it’s often difficult to tell whether your child has sight problems. Some of the symptoms to look out for could be:

  • Tilting their head or straining their eyes to try see better
  • Often sitting too close to the television, laptop, tablet or holding a book too close
  • Complaining of headaches or tired eyes
  • Trying to avoid use of computers or tablets because it hurts their eyes
  • Closing one eye to see better
  • Losing their place while reading, or needing a finger to guide their reading
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • White looking eyes in photographs or in low light - it is extremely serious – if you notice it, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Testing before your son or daughter goes into education means that any issues that they may have can be identified early, getting them ready for a happy and fulfilling time at school. That’s because not being able to see clearly can be diffcult to deal with, especially in a busy classroom.

Our trained opticians are specially trained to test children’s eyes, and have the experience to make it a comfortable experience.
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