Parents exposed to paint increases Eye Cancer Risk to Children

A recent study has revealed that parents that are exposed to paint or similar chemicals up to ten years before conception pass on an eight-fold increased risk of eye cancer. The parents of 187 unilateral and 95 bilateral cases and 155 friend controls were interviewed by phone and taken through a detailed questionaire. 

The sons and daughters of fathers exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - which are found in coal tar, coke, or bitumen (used in tarmac) also had a 50% increased risk of developing the childhood eye cancer. The risk was highest among the children of older fathers exposed to paint or PAHs.

The types of occupations that may involve exposure to these hydrocarbons include tire and rubber manufacturing workers as well as machinists, roofers and road workers.

The study from Occupational and Environmental Medicine can be found here: